You are Marvelous!

Happy Monday G3 family!

I hope all of you had a nice weekend! Reflecting back on last week and I am reminded of just how much I miss the people that I saw everyday before the stay at home order. I miss the kids, the coaches and even the friendly strangers I found were in the same daily circuit as myself.

I can recall driving to work on any given day and waving to at least three different friends on the way there. The sense of community I feel living in Pacific Beach cannot be matched and I am so grateful to call San Diego home.

I think it is important for us to remind ourselves just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place with some of the friendliest people I personally have ever met. I think it is important to remember friends, we are all in this together.

So! In such uncertain times, I choose to live life with a grateful heart and this past week my three boys and I decided to write letters and create care packages for those in our lives we miss and those who we are thankful for. As a military spouse, I have done my fair share of care packages! They can actually be really fun to personalize and create! My boys and I did a superhero care package for my husband on his last deployment and it was a hit!

During a time when you might be missing someone in your life very special to you, get the kids together, come up with a theme, and let someone know you’re thinking about them! A little kindness can go a long way!

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