Who Knew Being A Ninja Could Be So Rewarding?

Think back. When you were a kid, there were probably multiple jobs you wanted to do when you grew up. For some it was an astronaut or a doctor, others would choose a professional football player, and often, some may have even desired to be a ninja. Today, kids have the opportunity to be a “ninja” with the growing popularity of ninja training. Ninja training has become a nationwide trend — for both children and adults — partially due to the hit TV show, American Ninja Warrior. Many kids’ gyms have started to incorporate kids’ ninja training courses and classes because they are not only fun, but they offer numerous benefits for the physical and mental development of children.

Why Ninja Training Is Great For Kids

At G3 Kids, we offer multiple ninja kids’ gymnastics courses that your children will be sure to enjoy going through. Think gymnastics mixed with ‘American Ninja Warrior’ obstacle courses. Our courses are designed to challenge children to get from point A to point B while overcoming any obstacles in between. This is also known as parkour. Our trained instructors incorporate fun into these active classes with a focus on precision, strength, and creativity. They help kids develop passion and discipline through many styles of running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement, and other ninja-like motions. The kids can test their ninja skills by running through obstacle courses, climbing rock walls and ropes, jumping on trampolines and into foam pits, and balancing on beams and bars. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of our kids’ ninja warrior classes.

Develops Spatial Awareness

One of the main benefits of our ninja training classes is spatial awareness. Children in this course must understand the obstacle and how they can move their body through it to conquer it. Although it may take a few attempts to perfect it, learning through trial and error will enable them to figure out exactly where their body is as well as where it needs to be at any given point in time in order to complete the obstacle. Trying out these courses will better enable them to get a feel for their body and how to control it.

Improves Agility

Agility is not only a beneficial skill to have in most sports, but it is essential in helping prevent injuries. Children that practice side-to-side, up-and-down motions are training their muscles and joints to run in new directions. By increasing the strength of the muscles and joints, the risk of injury, such as a sprained ankle, is decreased. Plus, the benefits of ninja training can be carried into other sports and physical activities; jumping side-to-side on slanted steps may help football players juke an opponent and launching up a wall may help with one’s basketball layup. Ninja courses are great preparation for other athletics.

Increases Balance

Many ninja obstacle courses require balance in order to complete them. As opposed to the quickness and agility they may use on the slanted steps, balancing across the beams or bars creates a new type of challenge for young ninjas. If your child is a bit clumsy, signing them up for a ninja class may help their coordination improve.

Develops a Sense of Safety

As mentioned, it may take a few attempts to conquer a ninja obstacle on the first try. They require perseverance. When on the ninja courses, instructors show the young ninjas how to safely fall, whether it is from a beam, rope, or obstacle course. Knowing how to fall properly is important in everyday life, especially when dealing with athletics. Instructors are there to ensure children are going throughout the course safely and are not risking any injuries.

Kids will not only have fun with the different challenges and obstacles of a ninja warrior course, but they can also help improve their physical and mental development. If you think your child would enjoy our ninja-themed classes, contact us about enrollment today!

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