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What to Expect from Children’s Cheer Classes

Is your child interested in taking cheer classes? Despite the many depictions in the media of mean girls and queen bees in cheer, you’ll find that in real life your little one can use cheer classes as an opportunity to build teamwork skills, make friends, and get a confidence boost all while enjoying the benefits of an active lifestyle. 


If you haven’t taken a cheer class yourself, you might be wondering what to expect. Don’t worry, we’ll help you figure out what your kid should wear and what to expect when they start taking children’s cheer classes.


Preparing for Children’s Cheer Classes

Make sure your child has everything he or she needs to participate in class, particularly the right attire for cheer. First, make sure your kid has comfortable clothes that they can really move in. Especially if your cheer school offers a gymnastics program, you’ll want to get them form-fitting clothing that moves with them to avoid any embarrassment.


Additionally, there are special light-weight sneakers designed just for cheerleading that can be helpful. If classes will be outdoors, don’t forget to apply sunblock. Finally, make sure to bring a water bottle and some light snacks like nuts and fruit along to class to keep your kid’s energy up. 


Active Kids



One of the first things you’ll notice at a children’s cheer class is how energetic and active the movement is. In addition to the general benefits of burning off some energy, cheerleading can actually give your kid a health boost in a variety of areas. For example, jumping and tumbling increase bone density, potentially preventing issues like osteoarthritis later in life.


Children’s fitness is so important, and cheer classes are a fun way for your kid to get into the lifelong habit of exercising. The classes you sign them up for today could be the foundation for a healthy lifestyle for many years to come.


Building Confidence

When you think of the positive qualities cheerleaders possess, confidence tops the list. Building the skills to jump, tumble, and flip will kickstart your child’s confidence. Plus, singing and chanting will teach your kid how to project their voice with control, a skill that’s as useful on cheer squad is it is in the boardroom. 


Feeling good about themselves and knowing that they can take on new challenges at cheer class is sure to keep your kid’s confidence high!


Teamwork and Making Friends

Finally, one of the best things about children’s cheer classes are the opportunities they present to build teamwork skills and make new friends. Kids learn to perform cheers together and help each other with stunts, each member of the class doing their part to make the team succeed. 


At the same time, your kid will be having fun with their peers and forging new friendships along the way. Cheer class is a great place for your kid to meet other children who share their interests, and you might even become friends yourself with the other parents. 


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