Week 2: Update

Hi G3 family!


Welp, we made it through week TWO friends! I had to remind myself a few times that today was indeed Friday. That NEVER happens.

While multitasking breakfast and home school prep have become the norm, it seems that our family is really settling into our new routine. How about you?

On any other NORMAL given day, I would be scrambling to make breakfast, scrambling to whip up three lunches and scrambling to make sure three young boys are dressed and have their teeth brushed! Remember those mornings? They weren’t that long ago.

These slower-paced mornings for me, remind me of when my boys were babies. The days are long but the years are short. I look back on those days with the fondest of memories, I miss them so much.

I have been given the wonderful opportunity to greet all of our G3 members who are juggling those early years of parenthood and it makes me smile.

To the mom I see teaching colors and shapes to your toddler, you’re doing great, to the parent patiently waiting for their child to finish their meltdown, you’re doing great and to the mom who frantically asks for help because she forgot a diaper in the car, you’re doing great. There is nothing comparable to this parenting journey and to be able to connect with all of you-the joys, the hardships and the WEIRD has been nothing short of AWESOME.

So as I reflect on week two, I remind myself that while the days are long the years are short. My journey will not look like your journey, so let’s raise our giant cups of cold coffee together and cheers to giving this the best we got! Cheers to making these moments count!

During week two I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and introduce the meaning of capillary action to the kids. Let’s just say that science is not my strong suit, I was a little nervous about it. Spring is a great time to learn about capillary action because this is the very way plants carry nutrients to their roots, stems and leaves and it also makes for a fun relatively easy science experiment using cups of water, food coloring and paper towel. You can’t be intimidated, you just have to go for it! We are so lucky to have the resources we have and with minimal planning BOOM you’re teaching and they’re learning.

Give it a try!

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