Ms. Morgan here. Well, Easter has come and gone and my family, like all of yours, are starting what feels like the 3,476th day of quarantine. How was your Easter Sunday in? I can only hope it was full of relaxation, delicious food and laughter!

When my husband who is active duty military decided he needed a haircut yesterday (on Easter guys, Easter!) the rest of the boys felt like they needed one too which led to some really ridiculous temporary cuts until we shaved their heads completely! All I can say is that I never laughed so hard! Our family needed that laugh. When will you ever say, “Go for it! We have nowhere to go.” With the stress of life being turned completely upside down I know, we will cherish that laugh for the rest of this lifetime. It is true when they say, “laughter can be the best medicine,” after all, I really felt like I lost the pep in my step last week.

For some reason last week felt a bit rough and monotonous, did anybody else feel this way? I blame it on the weather! This was also the first week I had to rip up my old schedule and start a new one now that the kids are doing distance learning with the school district. I have always been that kind of gal who loves to get stuff done, I am what you call a box checker!

I am sure a lot of you can relate, so when your precious angel is screaming “Moooooom!” for the 100th time this week while you’re trying to complete a task I thought I’d share something I came across that I thought was profound, something I frequently tell my coaches at G3. When you write that list of things that need to get done, break them up into three parts.

Number one, always start your day with what HAS TO GET DONE, number two, accomplish something that the kids enjoy learning about, since, well, let’s face it, that’s really important during times like these. Lastly, if you can accomplish all the other stuff great but if not that is OK. With kids, you just never know, like I always say at G3, “it will be different every day.”

At G3Kids our number one is SAFETY, safety will always come first. Number two, fun, we want the kids to always have fun in our facility and number three, well that is all the other stuff. We will start our day with the best of intentions, to execute a craft or activity but sometimes, it doesn’t always go as planned.

If coaches and myself can end a workday knowing that our G3Kids were safe and had fun, the rest can be for another day. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves, make sure you find time to have fun and maybe even laugh.


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