Happy Mother’s day!

Hi there G3 family, Ms. Morgan here!

Happy Mother’s day!

I like to start Mother’s Day with a giant cup of hot coffee before my three boys wake up and reflect on all of the amazing mothers I have had in my life. I make sure I let them know I am thinking of them!

How are you spending this Mother’s Day? There are countless ways you can define motherhood and right now our roles as nurturers, as caregivers and as teachers have been tested like never before.

Motherhood is selfless, hardly graceful, but boy is it rewarding. I have the privilege of getting to know all of the amazing G3 moms who come into our facility with the hopes of giving their child an opportunity to explore, play, and learn! I love witnessing the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly ultimately because it is relatable!

I have worked diligently to create a culture of “connection” in our facility and I believe it is connection that sets us apart and highly valued when you are on this wild ride that is parenthood.

As the “Mama Bear” of G3 I would like to wish all of the Moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day! We see you, we appreciate you, we are here for you! G3Kids hopes your day is full of love.

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