Fun Activities for Kids in Quarantine

Hi G3 family!


It’s Ms. Morgan here. If you visit G3 Pacific Beach, chances are, you have seen me around! Whether it is teaching our GymTots, greeting members at the desk or driving the G3 van, I have been diligently working with G3 over the last three years to provide safe, ACTIVE learning care for the children in our community. In these unprecedented times, I have thought of my G3 kids often and boy do I miss them! Like any teacher in a classroom, a G3 coach develops connections that have the potential to last a lifetime. I speak for all of my coaches when I say, we love your babies, we are hopeful that they’re continuing to thrive during these hard times and while we are all practicing this new concept of social distancing we want to offer some insight into how we, the kid professionals, keep your kids actively learning on a daily basis!


For those who know me as a familiar face, I am also a military spouse and most importantly, my G3 credentials include being a mother of three boys, ages 11, 8 and 5. So if you have some time and there is a good chance that you might, here is a little look into how my family survived week one. I am determined to make these moments count. 


When it was determined that school would be out and G3 would be temporarily closed, it was then that I decided to make the best of what was actually in my control. While the world has officially been sent to “the purple carpet” (G3 term for body break) I find myself grateful for these slower moments with my husband and children.


One thing that has really been great for us is the development of a routine. I have come up with a routine for my boys that include math, reading,  free writing, piano and of course, physical activity! Routine is huge, if you have ever taken my GymTots class you will notice that I do the same circuit every time with my little ones. Through repetition, we build confidence and routine allows us as parents to keep our sanity! No routine will look the same, develop a routine that works for your family! What is most important is that we enjoy these moments. If your routine is stressing you out, change it up until you figure out what works best for you! G3 is a clear example of an unconventional learning center and in our facility, we celebrate even the tiniest victories. If you’re having fun and enjoying your routine, chances are your child will enjoy it as well! This is our opportunity, as parents, to be creative with our teaching approach, we can do it! After all, we were their very first teachers. Let’s make these moments count! Stay tuned for what has worked and NOT worked for us as we go into week TWO. 


Fun Activities that my 5-year-old loved!

  1. Color sorting and counting  with cereal
  2. Walking our dog Coco/Playing ISpy
  3. Making armor out of cardboard boxes
  4. Reading books with mom 
  5. Cutting fruit for snack time
  6. Learning how to wash your own dishes (Yes! They actually think it is fun at this age) 

Fun activities my 8-year-old and 11-year-old loved!

  1. Free Write journal entries/ Topic of their choice with a discussion to follow
  2. Typing games (typing.com)
  3. Running with mom (mom almost died but we’re working on it)
  4. Math games online
  5. Youtube exercise videos (There are some fun ones! Take a look!) Coloring contest
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