Benefits Of Kids Cheer Programs

Active kids tend to be happy kids. It doesn’t matter their age, your child likely experiences a variety of benefits from an active lifestyle that includes participation in athletics. There are a variety of sports and physical activities that kids can join to have fun, but cheerleading is a unique and fun way for kids to work on and develop strength, conditioning, and flexibility while also learning valuable life lessons such as discipline, respect and a sense of accomplishment! It doesn’t matter if it is school, recreational, or all star competitive cheerleading, all cheer programs have benefits that go far beyond the pom poms and routines.

Benefits of Cheer Programs For Your Child

It is proven that a child’s involvement in organized athletics provides them with an opportunity to develop physically and socially while increasing their activity levels. Cheer programs, like those offered at G3 Kids, can help children incorporate coordination, speed, strength, flexibility, and discipline into their lifestyle. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the benefits of kids cheer programs.

General Health

Did you know that every one in three kids struggles with obesity? The best way to reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases is getting exercise. Participating in physical sports helps kids become active, healthy, and fit. Your child will learn habits that will be carried with them to adulthood, and cheerleading is a sport that can teach your child the lifelong skills they need to live a healthy lifestyle.

Motor Skills, Coordination and Balance

Cheerleading can help kids develop a sense of body awareness as well as a wide range of coordination and motor skills. When children enroll in a cheer program they learn how to use different muscles and parts of their bodies in a number of ways. What’s more, cheer classes can help young athletes develop skills that can be applied to other sports and activities.

Strength Building

Cheer requires physical strength that can help build muscle in the lower body, core, and shoulders. Certain positions need to be able to lift and support the bottom of a stunt while others need strength and flexibility to position their bodies in the air. Both entail incredible strength, focus, and balance which all contribute to their strength.

Social Skills

Communication and engagement with others is a major component of cheerleading programs. Each team member needs to be able to talk and work with each other to execute their stunts and routines properly. Cheerleading can also teach children the importance of teamwork. The effectiveness of a cheer routine is very dependent on how well the team works together. Additionally, your kids will meet new friends, have a blast, work on their independence, and be better equipped to handle both physical and emotional challenges better.


Cheerleading is a sport that is all about trust! In cheer classes, kids learn the importance and responsibility of trust. Cheerleaders are very dependent on one another — flyers trust their bases to hold them in the air and catch them when they fall. Similarly, the bases have to trust the flyers to stay light and execute their moves correctly. If there is not trust within a team the routines and stunts will not go well!


For many skills in cheerleading such as flying, jumping, tumbling, and dancing require a great amount of flexibility. In order to improve flexibility, kids need to stretch before and after cheers while the body is warm to maximize their stretching limits and flexibility. When kids are flexible, the skills in tumbling, flying and jumping come much easier.


Like many sports, cheerleading can have the power to give your child’s confidence a boost. There’s nothing like cheer programs to make a kid feel more connected, involved, and engaged with others. Learning to master difficult stunts, helping out their teammates, and performing well at events and competitions can benefit kids who cheer. Being in a very positive setting of pushing yourself to motivation and overcoming obstacles will help kids build confidence now and carry that characteristic throughout their life.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to getting your child involved in a cheering program. Whether they are in a beginners class or join an allstar cheerleading program, cheerleading is a sport that is a great way to help your child improve both physically and mentally.

As the home to the Pacific Beach Allstars, at G3 Kids we offer various cheer programs for different levels of skill for both girls and boys! From non-competitive cheer programs to cheer competition, our cheer classes can benefit your child in a variety of ways. Our friendly cheer coaches work to balance hard work with fun to ensure your child enjoys their cheering experience. If you are interested in learning more about our non-competitive cheer program, prep cheer program, or all star cheer program, contact G3 Kids today!

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