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3 Benefits of Enrolling your Child in a Children’s Summer Camp

Summertime is always exciting for kids, but it can put a lot of pressure on parents to spend time planning activities to keep their kids busy and having fun while school is out. If you’re wondering what to plan for your kids this summer, consider enrolling them in an activities-packed children’s summer camp. There is a wide variety of camp options available that cater to kids’ varying interests and abilities—including athletic camps, educational camps, and community camps (which build in various community-building activities, like cheer programs and gymnastics). They also range in length, and many camps offer the option of overnight stays or daytime hours.


Below are the top 3 reasons why parents choose to enroll their kids in a children’s summer camp:  


1. Your Kids Will Have Fun:

Summer camps are full of activities that kids love, including time outdoors, games, sports, arts and crafts, and beach activities. Camp counselors or chaperones are also trained to oversee these activities for children’s camps, so they are experts at creating an engaging and fun-filled experience for all children.

Children also have the chance to make friends with others in their age group that might not attend the same schools. This can increase children’s social confidence and give them a chance to branch out of their networks to create friendships that will expand way beyond the years of summer camps.



2. Your Kids Will Learn New Skills:

There are a number of long-term benefits of children’s summer camps, including providing more time outdoors (which means less time spent with technology), building self-esteem, and fostering creativity. The games that are built into the schedule each day—especially the sports activities—help to build character and teach team-building skills. Through games, sports, and other team-oriented activities, children learn how to respect others, how to collaborate with others on a team, and how to take incremental steps toward achieving a goal or improving a skill set. These are invaluable life skills that often can’t be taught in a classroom.

That said, many camps do offer opportunities for more classroom-based learning time if your child has a particular interest in a subject and wants to devote more time to honing specific subject-based skills before normal school schedules resume in the fall.  


3. Children’s Summer Camps Free Up Your Summer Schedule:



If you work during the day, you’ll know just how hard it can be to balance parenting with making sure your kids get to all of their summertime activities. Luckily, summertime camps offer activities to keep your child busy this summer, leaving you with more flexibility around work and other commitments. Many camps last throughout the majority of the summer months, which gives you a chance to maintain the same schedule you had throughout the school year (and gives your children a chance to form meaningful friendships and build new skill sets).

Some camps also offer the option for overnight stays, which can be exciting for children who are old enough to spend time away from home. This could allow you a chance to catch up on some self-care before the busy school year starts up again.


If you’re not sure what to plan for your child for their summer break, you might consider a children’s summer camp. This option provides many benefits of freeing up your schedule, enhancing and improving upon your child’s life skills, and a lot of fun experiences your child would not otherwise have.

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