Activities To Keep Your Child Busy This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, which means school will be out before you know it! The summer is everything to children: no school, tons of swimming and outdoor fun, later bedtimes — there is more than enough to love about the summertime. However, as a parent the summer time can add an additional challenge to your lifestyle, which is keeping your children busy while keeping up with their daily routine — whether that’s work, traveling, maintaining the cleanliness of the home, or other schedule-filling tasks and commitments. When it already seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day, entertaining and keeping your children busy during the summer months is certainly an exhausting job.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways — aside from television and video games — to keep your kids busy this summer so you can keep up with your daily routine. With just a little competence, you can get your kids involved in activities that are interesting, educational, athletic, and even a bit self-directed that will help keep them busy and their minds sharp. Check out some great ways you can keep your child or children busy this summer!


If they are old enough, volunteering is not only rewarding, but it is a great activity to help keep your kids busy during the summer. Encourage your child to start a volunteering project. It might be beneficial to do a couple volunteering projects beforehand so that they can get comfortable with the environment and meet other people — hopefully kids similar in age! There are plenty of churches, youth groups, shelters, and even schools that would be thrilled to have kids lend a helping hand. Volunteering can help younger children learn and develop new skills and traits. There are plenty of ways to get kids involved in volunteer projects, but check out a few simple ways your kids can start volunteering:

  • Raking elderly neighbors’ leaves
  • Helping out at a food shelter
  • Offering to walk neighbors’ pets, especially the elderly
  • Holding a lemonade stand or bake sale and donating the profits to a local charity

Athletic Programs

Enrolling children in athletic programs is not only fun, it is also a great way for them to stay active and in shape. There are a variety of community summer sports programs available for kids of all ages and genders, such as cheer programs, baseball, kids gymnastics, or swimming. In addition to building character, athletics will help your child learn respect for others, how to collaborate, how to maintain discipline, and so much more — all while having fun and getting exercise.

At G3Kids, we have a variety of kids athletic programs and classes available to help keep kids busy, active, and entertained this summer. From kids gymnastics and open gym to ninja courses and cheer programs, there is plenty of interesting activities your children will love!

Kids Summer Camp

From traditional outdoor and overnight camps to week-long or single-day camps, there are plenty of summer camp programs to choose from. Summer camp has a lot of benefits for children, such as improving growth, helping them get away from technology, creating friendships, and building self-esteem. If your children are interested in sports, maybe send them to a youth sports camp, like gymnastics camp. If they love learning, then they’ll enjoy spending some time at an educational camp. There are plenty of community camps available too, but enroll your child soon, as spots are quickly beginning to fill! For more tips on how to choose a summer camp, check out our recent blog.

Choosing a summer camp can be overwhelming, but at G3 Kids, we make kids summer camp in San Diego simple and hassle-free for parents. Our kids camp program is a great way for working and busy parents to ensure their child is remaining active, learning, growing — and most importantly  — having fun! Our twelve-week program is sure to keep kids entertained as it involves plenty of athletics, arts and crafts, beach activities, and so much more! Registration for our kids summer camp is now open! But hurry, spots are filling quickly!

Private Lessons, Training or Tutoring

The summer often makes it hard for children to keep their minds sharp, but it is the perfect time for your children to study and develop their skills before getting back into the classroom when school resumes in the fall. If your child struggles with certain school subjects, enrolling them in a tutoring program this summer may help them brush up their academics. If they are in sports, personal sports or athletic training can help kids hone their abilities while having someone to help keep them active. Likewise, piano, guitar, or other music lessons are a great way to keep your child busy and their mind sharp during the summer months. Regular and reliable lessons or training are not only effective in keeping your children busy, but they also provide a structure for a summer that can easily be planned around.

Hopefully, these tips and suggestion help keep your children busy this summer. If you live in Southern California and are looking for kids summer camps in San Diego, contact G3 Kids! We have a variety of classes, camps, and programs available to keep your child busy this summer!

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