Children's Birthday Party Venue

5 Creative Children’s Birthday Party Venue Ideas

If you are a parent, you know just how hard it can be to come up with original ideas every year for birthday parties. When you factor in budget, the number of guests, food options (including allergies and preferences), and scheduling, finding the perfect location might feel nearly impossible. Below, we list a few children’s birthday party venue ideas that are practical and affordable to help ease some of the stress and make sure your child’s party is as fun as it deserves to be.


A Gymnastics Gym

Our top pick for an innovative party venue idea for kids is a party-friendly gymnastics gym. Throwing a kids’ birthday party can be intimidating because it means you are responsible for overseeing activities and games for lots of kids, so it helps to host the party in a location where kids can run around freely and play (and let out their energy and excitement). Many gyms have areas already set up for parties and events, including sports nets, gymnastics mats, game spaces, and free play spaces, which means less prep time for you! 


The Zoo

Built-in entertainment–kids love animals! Planning a party at the zoo can also be educational if you work in a guided tour (these can easily be booked ahead of time, and there are often discounts for big groups). Most zoos have central picnic tables or benches for serving food and cake, too, or at least big grassy areas that could be perfect for a picnic-style lunch after everyone makes their way around to see the animals. Some zoos may even offer discounts on entries for parties above 10-15. 



Art Studio

If your children or their friends are artistically-inclined, you may want to consider hosting a birthday party in a studio. This works well especially for birthdays in the wintertime when outdoor spaces are less than ideal. You can either hire an artist to lead kids through some fun art exercises or games. You could also lookup DIY options and lead them yourself! Kids will come away from the party having made something they’re proud of. 



In warmer months, consider hosting a kid’s party at a campground or wooded site. This is an especially great setting for a Robin Hood or fairy party theme! There’s also the perk of having a barbecue oven already set up, so making food for the kids will be easy. Plus, there’s tons of space for the kids to run around and explore. These days, since children are spending so much time on computers, phones, and tablets, it’s important to expose them to nature at an early age. Hosting a party in an outdoor space can help foster kids’ imagination and creativity! 


Public gardens

Another warm weather idea is to host a party in a public garden setting. These venues are usually only available in certain months, which means they will feel extra special to your little one. Gardens have the advantage of being open enough to allow for free play and games but enclosed enough for easy chaperoning. They are also usually free (especially on weekends) and offer a gorgeous backdrop for party and family photos!